Volume leveling of different patches

How to get the most from the POD HD500/X, organic and cutting through warm tones, by using the tools available in the device.
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Volume leveling of different patches

Post by hurghanico » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:35 pm

There is a parameter which appears only when the amp model is turned off, and it is called Bypass Volume.
When its value is at 100% what passed through the amp (turned off) slot is at unity gain, ie there isn't any volume level loss.

This amp-bypassed signal is an excellent and handy term of comparison when deciding the amp model volume level when turned on.

What you have to do is simply making the perceived amp model volume equal to the amp bypassed one.
The same identical procedure can be used for any type of tone, from clean to crunch to heavy distorted.

It will work very well to make the different patches having the same perceived volume.

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